PLANARD, [Eugène].[PHELPS, Samuel.] [PALMYRE, (?).]

Authors "O" and "P" Selections from Stock

[ODRY, Jacques-Charles.] A wood engraving of the clown/pantomimist Odry by Theodore Maurisset. [Paris: n. p., 1839.] 6" x 9"; title added in pencil at foot. $40
A charming wood engraving done after a terracotta caricature portrait by Jean-Pierre Dantan. Odry stands on a crate inscribed "Eau de Riz." Unusual.


[OFFENBACH, Jacques.] A Boston Museum program for Offenbach’s The Grand Duchess, 9 July, 1883. 4to; minimal dusting; minor mounting trace to gutter of back page. $20
The right column of the front page announces several highlights of the “inauguration of the 43rd Dramatic Season” at the Museum.


[ONOE KIKUGORO IV.] A shinie woodblock print of the onnagata Onoe Kikugoro IV, by Utagawa Toyokuni III, [1860]. 9 1/2" x 14"; color woodblock; decorative pink background at head; not backed; eight minute pinholes to left edge; one neat repair to verso along a portion of right margin, probably to fix some thinning paper; excellent colors and bleedthrough. $200
A shinie (memorial print) displaying the recently deceased onnagata actor Onoe Kikugoro IV (1808-1860). He is depicted in a circular cartouche in the upper right, wearing the purple cap of an onnagata actor and a striped robe. Below is an image of a woman, perhaps his wife, who wears a plain blue robe and kneels before him. The background is a soft pink, with white clouds left in reverse. Over these is the actor's year of death, his death name, his place of burial, and a death poem (probably imagined by the maker of the print). Onoe Kikugoro IV was a pupil of Nakamura Karuku. His features and physique made him an extremely popular player of female roles, particularly the classic middle-age women of the history plays. The shinie (literally "Death Pictures") were a unique genre within Japanese prints, portraying a recently deceased person as a living spirit. They served as both an announcement of the death and a means of eulogizing the subject.


[OPERA / BALLET.] An albumen print and colored tissue stereoview card of a theatre scene. [Paris: c. 1870.] Embossed yellow mount; very good. $25
A behind-the-scenes tableaux depicting three female dancers, a male singer, and one other figure. The backs of stage flats hiding the performers are shown, as well as part of the house to the back -- with original hand coloring.


[ORATORIOS.] A Covent Garden playbill for oratorios and other musical performances, 23 March, 1825. Minor mounting traces to verso. $45
The program began with selections from Handel’s Samson. The principal vocal performers included Caradori, Braham, and Tree.


[ORATORIOS.] A tall broadside playbill for oratorios and a “grand sellection of ancient and modern music” at Drury Lane, 18 April, 1835. 7 5/8” x 19 1/4”; pale blue stock; 1 1/4” torn from upper right corner (affecting a portion of one letter); otherwise nearly fine. $175
The principal singers included Grisi, Lablache, Tamburini, Ivanhoff, Seguin, Brambilla, and Curioni. The selections were from Handel’s Messiah and Creation, Auber, Rossini and others.


[OSBALDISTON, David.] A juvenile drama portrait of Osbaldiston as Hofer in Fitzball’s Hofer, The Tell of the Tyrol. London: W. G. Webb, [c. 1830]. Lower corners creased; small ink stamp to verso. $35
Osbaldiston stands, legs apart, looking upward, a dagger in his upraised right hand, a drum on the ground behind him.

[OSBALDISTON, David.] A tinseled juvenile drama portrait of "Mr. Osbaldiston as Grindoff." [London: Hodgson, c. 1830.] 7" x 8 3/4"; original trimming down to image; colored by hand; cloth-backed cut aways; cloth hand tinted; tinsel applied; mounted to contemporary light card; backed with same; overall very good. $400
Osbaldiston is shown in the role of Grindoff, the miller turned robber chief, in Pocock's The Miller and His Men. He stands, legs apart, in breastplated costume, a large plumed hat on his head. His arms are thrust out, a dagger in his right hand and a pistol in his left. A hand-colored portrait, including backdrop, with cloth-backed cut aways, elaborate small tinseling, as well as fully tinseled breastplate, dagger, and pistol.


[OSBALDISTON, David.]  A tinseled juvenile drama portrait of Osbaldiston as William Tell. [London]: W. G. Webb, [c. 1840]. Trimmed to image and laid down; hand colored; cloth and tinsel applied; mounted to contemporary card, with additional watercolors to background; in recent beveled wood frame. $400
Osbaldiston stands, legs apart, a crossbow gripped in his right hand and his left arm raised in gesture. His costume is decorated with cloth-backed cut aways, with additional hand tinting and tinsel highlights. Many portions of the portrait are well tinseled.


OTWAY, Thomas. PLAYS WRITTEN BY MR. THOMAS OTWAY.... London: for J. and R. Tonson [and others], 1736 [and 1744]. First Edition Thus. 2 vols. Modern half calf, gilt; general title-pages; engraved frontispieces; an excellent set. $100
A collection rather than a collected edition, made up of general title-pages with contents leaves, all but one of the individual plays printed in 1735-36. Venice Preserved is a Strahan edition of 1744.


[PALMER, (?).] A juvenile drama portrait, “Mr. Palmer as Richard Coeur de Lion.” London: M. & M. Skelt, [c. 1840]. Short tear to lower left corner. $30
Palmer is shown full length, standing, legs apart, in Crusader costume, armor, and a crown. He holds a battle ax in his raised right hand and a shield rests on his left arm.


[PALMER, (?).] A twopence-colored portrait, “Mr. Palmer as Ahasuerus in the Triumph of the Jewish Queen.” London: J. Reddington, [c. 1864]. One corner creased; 1 1/2” triangular piece torn away from blank margin; colors bright. $30
Palmer is depicted in Eastern costume -- holding out a ring in his extended right hand and a sceptre in his left hand.


[PALMYRE, (?).] A hand-colored lithograph portrait, “Mme. Levesque... Rôle de Milady Adermale dans le Remords.” Paris: Noel, [c. 1825]. 10 1/2” x 15 1/2”; colored by hand; very light foxing and offsetting. $40
The Ambigu-Comique actress is depicted full length, standing, in a feathered headdress and a gown with a train.

[PANTOMIME.] A Drury Lane playbill for Davy Jones; or, Harlequin and Mother Carey’s Chickens, London, 20 January, 1831. Very good. $20
The new Christmas pantomime was invented and produced by Barrymore with music composed by Hughes.

[PANTOMIME.] A playbill for the second night of the Drury Lane Christmas pantomime, Harlequin & Cock Robin, 27 December, 1827. Pale-blue stock; minor dusting and creasing to corners. $20
Also performed was Morton’s A Cure for the Heart Ache with Liston and Tree.


[PANTOMIME.] A group of three Drury Lane playbills for pantomimes, London, 1813 and 1814. Minor dusting; else very good. $50
The three Christmas pantomimes are: Valley of Diamonds, or, Harlequin Sinbad; Harlequin and Humpo and Harlequin Harper, or, A Jump from Japon. Amongst the performers are Kirby, Barnes, and Neylerini.


PAOLI, Carlo. DER VOLKOMMENE KARTENKÜNSTLER UND RECHENMEISTER. Eine Sammlung der vorzüglichen und wirkungsvollsten Karten -- und Rechenkunstlücke zur Unterhaltung in geselligen Kreisen.... Neutlingen: Ensslin und Laiblin, n. d. [c. 1918]. 16mo; wraps; chromolithographed pictorial front cover; slight soiling to light-colored edges of covers; contents tight and fresh. $125
A near-fine example of this 64-page booklet of conjuring, card tricks, and puzzles. The chromolithographed cover consists of a red rectangle, lined in black, in a floral surround. Within the rectangle a bemonocled gentleman holds up four European-style aces. §Volkmann & Tummers, p. 131.


[PAREPA-ROSA, Euphosyne.] OBERON, The Music by Weber. Parepa-Rosa Grand English Opera. [New York]: New York Printing Company, 1870. Pale-green wraps; some foxing to text. $20
The libretto to accompany Weber’s Oberon as sung for the first time in New York, in English, on 29 March and 1 April, 1870.


[PARK THEATRE.] A lithographed view, “Park Theatre & Park Row, 1831.” New York: G. Heyward, 1855. 6” x 4”; margins trimmed; mounted to later, larger leaf of light card. $20
Showing the exterior of the New York theatre, and some of its environs. From the series: “D. T. Valentine’s Manual.”


PASCOE, Charles E. (Editor). OUR ACTORS AND ACTRESSES. The Dramatic List. A Record of the Performances of Living Actors and Actresses of the British Stage. Revised and Enlarged Edition. London: Temple Publishing, n. d. [c. 1884]. Red decorative cloth, lightly soiled; spine sunned; a trifle shaken. $50
A dictionary of British actors and actresses’ biographies recording their performances during the third quarter of the 19th century. §LAR 2252.1.


[PATTI, Adelina.] A carte-de-visite photograph of Patti. Paris: Reutlinger, [c. 1862]. Lightest of wear to bottom of photograph; mount and image very good. $45
A bust portrait of the youthful prima donna, presumably taken about the time of her first Paris performances in 1862.


PATTI, Adelina. A process-print portrait of Patti, “from a photograph by H. N. King,” [c. 1864 (?)]. 9 1/4” x 12”, plus margins; two short, closed tears to margin; light stain (1/2” x 3 1/2”) to left edge, away from portrait. $50
A three-quarters portrait of the young dramatic soprano, directed and looking to the left and both hands on the back of a chair. This portrait was presented with the “Illustrated News of the World” with a biographical sketch printed to both sides of a large folio leaf (included here).


[PATTI, Adelina.] A chromolithographed portrait, “Figaro Cartoon -- Cards of the Day -- Adelina Patti.” [London: Figaro, c. 1874.] 5 1/4” x 8 1/4”, including margins. $60
A bust portrait of the Spanish coloratura singer, in color, a floral bouquet at the foot of the design and an inscription, “She sings as sweetly as a nightingale, Taming of the Shrew.” One of a series of chromolithographs representing caricatures of celebrities, politicians, and royalty by Faustin Betbeder. Not in the Harvard Catalogue.


[PAVLOVA, Anna.] A Russian portrait postcard of Pavlova in Paquita, [c. 1912]. Very minor foxing to foot; verso unused. $45


[PAYNE, John Howard.] The sheet music to “Home! Sweet Home! Sung by Miss M. Tree in Clari, or the Maid of Milan at... Covent Garden.” Baltimore: John Cole, [c. 1824]. 4to; three pages of engraved music; foxed. $35
The music was composed by Henry Bishop. This is a very early American edition of Payne’s song. Clari premiered in London in April 1823 and in New York six months later.


[PAYRET CIRCUS.] A broadside bill for the Gran Circo Payret, [Santa Clara (?), Cuba, c. 1905.] 6” x 17 1/4”; salmon-colored stock; closed tear near center; 2” at (blank) head tipped to foam core, backing the entirety of the bill. $50
This Cuban broadside announces the debut of “Diavolo en el Looping the Loop, el Ciculo de la Muerte”; Ara Cecil and his African leopards; and the trick equestrienne Ella Bradna; all under the direction of Luciano Tatali.


PEMBERTON, T. Edgar. JOHN HARE, COMEDIAN. 1865 to 1895. A Biography. London: Routledge, 1895. Pictorial ivory boards, soiled slightly; frontisportrait; portrait plates. $35
A record of thirty years in the career of the actor-manager. Hare gained considerable fame for his portrayal of comic old men. He was manager of the Prince of Wales, Court, St. James’s, and Garrick theatres. A very good copy in a fairly well-preserved Railway Library edition (with portrait to the front cover, portrait plates, and advertisements to pastedowns and rear cover.) §LAR 3004.


PENDLETON, Ralph (Editor). THE THEATRE OF ROBERT EDMOND JONES. Middletown: Wesleyan University Press, [1958]. First Edition. Oblong 4to; pictorial cloth; plates (some color); worn slipcase. $50
Essays on various aspects of Jones' life and work, by Stark Young, M.H. Furber, Lee Simonson, Jo Mielziner, Donald Oenslager, Kenneth Macgowan, and John Mason Brown, plus 51 plates, and an extensive chronology of his career.


[PERIGA, Louise.] A lithographed portrait, “Melle. Périga, Rôle de Noëma, dans le Paradis Perdu.” Paris: Godard, [c. 1856]. 8” x 11 1/2”, including margins; colored by hand; light foxing. $20
A full-length portrait of the Abigu actress, in costume, arms across her front.


[PETERS-WRIGHT, Anita.] A pictorial promotional card for Anita Peters-Wright’s Rhythmic Dancers at the California Theatre, [San Francisco, 1919]. 6 1/4” x 3 1/2”; card stock; halftone illustration and text to recto; verso blank. $25
The halftone illustration, after a photograph, shows several costumed dancers. Peters-Wright was a choreographer and teacher of the “German school of free movement.”


[PETIT, Stephan.] A tall playbill for Petit’s benefit at Philadelphia’s Chestnut Street Theatre, 7 February, [1831 (?)]. 6” x 20 2/3”; a trifle chipped and creased down (blank) left margin; one minute hole (from former verso mounting) to (blank) upper margin. $75
The bill featured the “first and only night of selections from the grand ballet of La Belle au bois Dounent... the new Bolero El Marica,,,, [and] La Cracovienne by Mad. Stephan Petit & Mons. Sylvain.”


[PETIT THEATRE.] A chromolithographed poster for Le Petit Theatre, Paris, designed by Paul Balluriau. [Paris]: La Lithographie Nouvelle, [1901]. 31 3/4” x 45”; one central vertical crease; three horizontal creases; very light surface soiling; a bit of creasing to edges; four small mounting marks (two holes and two triangles) to outermost left edge; linen backed and well preserved. $650
A Ralluriau art noveau poster for the reopening of La Petit Theatre (on the Boulevard de Clichy) in October 1901. The theatre’s specialties of “ombres, comédies, intermedes” are announced. The poster features the figure of a muse to the center who stands holding masks in her upraised hands. The decorative background design incorporates a representation of an ombres Chinoises show of Napoleon in Egypt and the outlines of audience members. The poster is printed in several colors.


[PFLANZ, Sofia.] A sepia-tone studio portrait of Pflanz by Saul Bransburg, signed, [c. 1913]. 5 1/2” x 8 1/8”; tipped to embossed light-card mount; overall toning; signed to lower mount. $150
A head-and-shoulders portrait of the dancer in profile to the left, her head tilted back and looking upwards. She holds a vase in her upraised hands. Signed to the mount below the photograph.


[PHELPS, Samuel.] A gravure portrait of Phelps as Cardinal Wolsey in Henry the Eighth. [New York]: Gebbie, 1888. 6 3/4" x 9 1/2", plus wide margins; sepia tone. $10
A three-quarters length portrait.


[PHELPS, Samuel.] A large-paper, proof-sheet juvenile drama portrait of "Mr. Phelps as Brutus, Sadlers Wells Theatre." London: C. Morrish, [c. 1840]. 8 1/2" x 11 1/2", plus extra-wide margins; unassociated stenciling to blank verso; near fine. $150
A fine proof-sheet portrait of Phelps to large paper by an obscure publisher of the juvenile drama. Unusual.

PIAVE, F[rancesco] M. ERNANI. Dramma Lirico....Musica di Guisepe Verdi. Milan: G. Ricordi, n. d. [c. 1889]. Disbound; publisher's advertisements at the end. $12


PICARD, L[ouis] B. LE VOYAGE INTERROMPU, Comedie.... Paris: Migneret and Vente, [1798]. First Edition. Disbound; early holograph name in ink to foot of title-page. $40
The first edition of Picard’s popular comedy which premiered at the Theatre Français.

PILON, Frederick. HE WOULD BE A SOLDIER. A Comedy.... The Second Edition. London: for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1786. Disbound; light dustsoiling to title-page. $35
Pilon’s final play, first performed at Covent Garden in November 1786.


PIPER, Maria. DIE SCHAUKUNST DER JAPANER. Dramen, Szenenbilder, und Schauspielerportraets des altjapanischen Volkstheater. Berlin and Leipzig: de Gruyter, 1927. Original stiff wrappers, a bit foxed; color-pictorial upper cover; joints rubbed; numerous illustrations; contents very good. $30
Piper focuses on the major genres of Japanese theatre and drama, some chapters cover Chusingura, Omni Genji Senjin Yakata, and Kwanko. With more than 100 illustrations (after photographs).


[PITT, Cecil.] A hand-colored juvenile drama portrait, “Mr. C. Pitt as Caleb Crook.” London: J. Redington, [c. 1855]. Minor creasing; short tear to one (blank) corner; colors bright. $30
The Britannia Theatre actor stands, in the costume of a bandit, a pistol tucked into his belt and a dagger held up in one hand. The background shows other bandits in or just out the window of a tavern.


PLANARD, [Eugène]. LE MARI DE CIRCONSTANCE, Opera-Comique…. Paris: Masson, 1813. First Edition. Disbound; dust soiling to edges; overall very good. $35
A one-act comic opera, with music by C. H. Plantade, which premiered at the Théâtre Impérial de l’Opera-Comique in March 1813. The cast list is printed.

PLANCHE, J[ames] R. The sheet music, “Oh ‘Tis Love.” New York: Dubois & Stodart, [c. 1822]. large 4to; removed; four pages of engraved text and music; minor foxing and thumb soiling. $30
The words and music to the composition “sung by Mr. Pearman in I Will Have a Wife..., adapted to the French air... by G. W. Reeve.”


PLANCHÉ, J[ames] R. YOUNG AND HANDSOME. A New and Original Fairy Extravaganza.... London: Thomas Hailes Lacy, n. d. [c. 1860]. 12mo; disbound; marbled edges. $25
A one-act burlesque founded on Murat’s fairy tale of Jeune et Belle, with music by Barnard. It premiered at the Olympic on Boxing Day 1856.


[PLAUTUS, Titus Maccius.] LES COMEDIES DE PLAUTE, Nouvellement Traduities en Stile Libre Natural & Naif; Avec des Notes & des Reflexions enjouées, de Critique, d’Antiquité, de Morale & de Politique; par. Monsr. Gueudeville. Leide: Pierre Vander Aa, 1719. 10 vols. 12mo; full contemporary speckled calf; lightest of wear; expertly rebacked; red morocco labels; engraved title-page (with oval vignettes) extra to each volume; general title-pages in red and black; double-page engraved frontispiece to the first volume; engraved frontispiece to each individual play; upper fore-corner of first volume’s front flyleaf; one signature loosening from final volume; a bit of foxing; speckled edges. $1250
A rather attractive set of this critical edition of Plautus translations. Nicolas was, in his youth, a Benedictine monk at Jumieges in Normandy, but was later unfrocked for his anticlerical stance devoting himself to study and writing. With several fine engraved plates.


PLAUTUS, [Titus Maccius]. PLAUTUS’S COMEDIES, Amphitryon, Epidicus, and Rudens, Made English: With Critical Remarks upon each Play. By Laurence Echard. The Second Edition Corrected. London: for Timothy Child and William Taylor, 1716. 12mo; full speckled calf; gilt and blind panels to covers; extremities a little worn; decorative gilt to spine compartments; lacking label; engraved frontispiece; internally very good. $200
The first English translation of Plautus, originally published in 1694. Plautus in English was a long time coming as his comedies were generally considered coarse and stylistically far inferior to those of Terence. Echard dedicated this work to Sir Charles Sedley and produced a substantial preface discussing Roman comedy and substantial literary commentary to each play. There is also a commendatory poem by Nahum Tate.


[PLAY PICTORIAL.] THE PLAY-PICTORIAL. No 58. [London: Stage Pictorial, 1911.] 4to; color pictorial wraps; stapled; minor fraying to edges of wraps; spots of discoloration around staples; numerous half-tone illustrations; printed music. $20
This issue of the London theatrical periodical features Thompson and Courtneige’s comic opera Tom Jones. With 26 illustrations of the cast and production (halftones after photographs) and the music to three of the songs. Tom Jones was portrayed by Hayden-Coffin. 


[PLUNKETT, Adeline.] A tall playbill for an appearance of Plunkett at Covent Garden, 11 June, 1845. Bright yellow stock; a bit of creasing. $50
The celebrated dancer performed in both Auber's Les Diamans de la Couronne and the first act of Helevy's Guido et Ginevra performed by the operatic company of the Theatre Royal, Brussels, under the especial patronage of the King of the Belgiums.


POCCI, Franz. KASPERL IST ÜBERALL. Ein Schattenspiel. Munich: Georg Callwen, [1911]. Decorative red wrappers; stapled; vignette illustration to text. $35
The playscript of a one-act shadow-puppet piece by the well-loved 19th century puppeteer and author of children’s stories. It is illustrated with eight silhouettes.


POINSINET, Antoine-Alexander.
TOM JONES, Comedie Lyrique... Imitée du Roman Anglais de M. Fielding. La Musique par A. D. Philador. Nouvelle Edition. Paris: Ducesne, 1778. Small 8vo; disbound; stab holes to gutter; engraved head and tail pieces; engraved music to one leaf. $70
A popular French adaptation of Fielding’s masterpiece, first performed (and printed) in 1765, and often revived. With the music to the air of the vaudeville, “Je Vous Obtiens.” According to F. A. Gevaert this opera is the first known instance of the employment of harmonies for strings in orchestral music. §Sonneck, p. 1082. Cross III, pp. 352-3.


POLUNIN, Vladimir. THE CONTINENTAL METHOD OF SCENE PAINTING. London: Dance Books, 1980. 4to; publisher’s cloth; pictorial dustwrapper; frontispiece and plates. $15
A reprint of the 1927 edition (edited by Cyril Beaumont). It is “both anecdotal and technical, including a practical discussion of the technique of painting on the floor (Stoddart),” as well as remarks on his 15 years of experience designing for the Ballet Russes, the Chauve Souris, and other companies. Illustrated by designs, diagrams, and models of sets.


[THEATRE DE LA PORTE ST. MARTIN.] An engraving, “Theatre de la Porte St. Martin.” London: Jennings, 1829. 8” x 5 3/8”, plus narrow margins on three sides; colored by hand. $18
A hand-colored view of the front of the Paris theatre. The home of the Academic Royale de Musique ou Opera, it was restored in 1814.


[POTIER, Charles.] An engraved portrait, “Potier rôle de Mr. Croque-Mitaine, de la Pièce de ce nom.” Paris: Martinet, [c. 1820]. 5” x 8”; trimmed to platemark; colored by hand, bright; laid down to a stiff album leaf. $35
A full-length portrait of the comedian, standing and stepping forward, nearly in profile, as the monster of French folklore. His costume, reminiscent of Don Quixote, incorporates a shaving-bowl hat with long peacock feathers and knee boots. On a sash is a lengthy rapier and in his hands he wields a lance and a shield. In the background children flee in terror. At the foot are six lines of an air from the piece as performed at the Theatre des Varietes.


[POTIER DE LILLE, L.] JUSTIFICATION DES COMÉDIENS FRANÇOIS. [Paris: Potier de Lille, 1790.] Unbound, but with tab of some early wrapper to (blank) verso of terminal leaf; uncut; minor dusting and fraying to edges of protruding leaves; else very good. $40
A 15-page pamphlet, subtitled “opinions sur les chefs-d’oeuvres des auteurs morts, & project de décret portant réglement entre les auteurs dramatiques & tous les comédiens du royaume,” addressing the cases of Naudet, Talma, and others. §Barbier 1059. See Solienne 361.


POTTER, George (Editor). THE MONTHLY RECORD OF EMINENT MEN. January 1891. Records and Portraits of Mr. Henry Irving, Earl Cadogan, William Rathbone, Sir William Houldsworth, Mr. Tom Harrop Sidebottom. London: George Potter, 1891. Half maroon calf and pebbled boards; extremities rubbed; gilt to compartments; morocco label; original pink pictorial wraps bound in; plates. $30
The 12-page account of Irving includes a portrait.

[POWER, Tyrone.]  A playbill for the first night of Peake's The Chancery Suit, Covent Garden, 30 November, 1830. Tear from original posting at head; very good. $35
Power took the role of Murphy O'Doggrely. Also on the bill was Buckstone's The Pilot (based on Cooper's novel).

[POWER, Tyrone.] A Covent Garden playbill for Power as Larder in Beazley’s Gretna Green, 1829. Minor creasing. $30
The interlude was Mons. Drouet performing “God Save the King” with new variations on the flute, composed by himself.

[POWER, Tyrone.] A Covent Garden playbill for Power in the name role of Rodwell’s Teddy the Tiller, 5 June, 1830. Pale blue stock. $30
The evening’s bill opened with Rossini’s opera Cinderella.


PROD’HOMME, J.-G. L’OPERA (1669-1925). Paris: Delagrave, 1925. Small 4to; original wraps, foxed; vignette illustration to upper cover; institution stamps to upper cover and preliminary leaves; untrimmed; contents very good. $25
Description du Nouvel Opéra — Historique — Salles Occupées par l’Opera — Directions — Répertoire — Principaux Artistes — Bibliographie. With bookplates and stamps of Croix-Rouge Française — Section Prisonniers de Guerre and Bibliothek Stalag VII. 


[PROLOGUES.] A COLLECTION AND SELECTION OF ENGLISH PROLOGUES AND EPILOGUES, Commencing with Shakespeare, and Concluding with Garrick. London: for Fielding and Walker, 1779. 2 vols. (of 6). 8vo; early boards, very worn; spines perished; one line excised from each title-page; untrimmed. $35
Volumes I and III of the set. The first encompasses prologues from Shakespeare to Southerne, the third prologues from Dennis to Garrick. §Jaggard, p. 526.


PRUNIERES, Henry (Editor). LULLY ET L’OPERA FRANÇAISE. Numero Spécial de la “Revue Musicale.” Paris: “La Revue Musicale,” 1925. Original printed wraps; toning and scuffing to spine; frontisportrait; numerous plates and illustrations; printed music at end. $50
The essays include: “L‘Academie royale de musique et de danse,” “L‘Opera Française au XVIIe siècle,” “Les danseurs de Lully,” and “Quinault poète d‘opera.” The musical supplement consists of songs from Proserpine and Acis et Galatée. With numerous plates and illustrations of performers, costumes, and designs.


[PUPPETRY MOVEABLE.] LE POLICHINELLE DES CHAMPS-ELYSÉES. Paris: Guérin-Müller, n. d. [c. 1880]. Folio; cloth-backed chromolithographed pictorial boards; slight wear to cover edges; eight leaves with tabbed and moveable figures; figures and frames chromolithographed; minimal thumbing and finger soiling; slightly shaken; minor repairs to moveable springs; all tabs and moveable parts working well. $1800
A rather good example of a 19th-century children’s moveable. Each leaf consists of a chromolithographed puppet booth with a bass-drum playing showman in front and accompanying text of the puppet play. The articulated figures are of Punch, Judy, Baby, Beadle, Clown, North African, Toby, and Judy’s Ghost.


[PUPPETRY.] A hand-colored aquatint and engraved print “les Petites Marionnettes,” by J. P.M. Jazet, after J. Burnet. Paris: Jazet et Aumont, [c. 1860]. 13” x 15 1/2”, plus very full margins; overall moderate toning; hand colored; in light mat. $200
A genre scene showing a Scottish cottage interior where a preadolescent showman plays on his whistle and drum while operating a pair of dancing puppets on a planchette (by means of a horizontal string attached to his leg), to the amusement of an infant, family, and dog, as well as a pair of children peering in from the doorway to the left.


[PUPPETRY.] A chromolithographed, popup Bon Marché trade card, “Theatre Guignol,” [c. 1900]. 7” x 4 3/4” (when open); image to front; pictorial advertisement to back. $150
The front of this folding card shows the face of a Guignol and the title, when opened a Guignol puppet rises from a booth to the amusement of a group of children and women (a three-dimensional effect). The Paris department store’s advertisement is to the back.


[PUPPETRY.] A pair of clippings, a typeset title and engraved illustration, “the Thumb Family, or, Italian Fantoccini,” to the inside boards of a wallet or book cover, [c. 1870]. Cloth-backed patterned black cloth; cover 5 1/2” x 9”; text clipping 5” x 3/4” and illustration 5” x 3 1/2”; clippings of yellow stock. $65
The engraving shows six puppets on stage.


[PYROTECHNICS.] A half-penny juvenile drama sheet depicting the exterior of a pyrotechnics “rocket manufactory” after an explosion, “Harlequin Guy Fawkes, Trick For Sc. 12.” London: J.K. Green, [c. 1855]. Minor dusting to corners. $35